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Working KITAS C312 (Offshore & Onshore)

We provide hassle-free KITAS consultation so your temporary stay transition in Indonesia will be effective and efficient

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What is This KITAS?

A lot of people confuse the term KITAS/ITAS with Indonesia work permit. KITAS/ITAS refers to the stay permit, whereas the work permit is known as RPTKA Approval (Pengesahan Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing or the Foreign Worker Utilization Plan) ⼀ a document detailing the specific task, job titles, and the length of the employment of a foreign worker.

A foreigner who is working in Indonesia must understand that an RPTKA and a KITAS/ITAS, are 2 different permits that he/she must apply for.

Whom is This KITAS for?

Foreigners who would like to gain employment and earning in Indonesia. To apply for a Working KITAS/ITAS, sponsorship from your employer is required. The employer must be a company registered in Indonesia. Locally-registered companies are defined as a PT, PT PMA, or a representative office. A work KITAS/ITAS also allows a foreigner to re-enter Indonesia multiple times with one permit, it is commonly referred to as a MERP (Multiple Exit and Re-entry Permit)

Working KITAS

1. Coloured scan of passport (min. validity of 18 months)
2. Coloured passport size photo (in red background)
3. Latest Diploma or Bachelor Degree Certificate


1. Medical/Travel Insurance
2. Proof of full dose COVID-19 vaccination

  1. Username and password of TKA (Ministry of Manpower) Online Application (if any).
  2. Company letterhead.
  3. Latest Company Bank Statement (Rekening Koran) min. balance equal to USD 10,000.
  4. Color scan of Notary Act of Company Establishment (Akta Notaris Pendirian Perusahaan) and any Following / Notary Act Change (Akta Notaris Perubahan) – if any
  5. Color scan of Legalization of Notary Act Company Establishment (Pengesahan Akta Notaris dari Kemenkumham) and the Following / Change if any
  6. Color scan of Tax Identification Number Card (NPWP)
  7. Color scan of Company Domicile (Surat Domisili/ Surat Keterangan Tempat Usaha or SKTU).
  8. Color scan of Company License from OSS.
  9. Color scan of Company Register Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha or NIB) from OSS.
  10. Color scan of Director or Commissioners ID Card (KTP Direktur atau Komisaris).
  11. Color scan of one local staff ID card (KTP) and his/her photograph
  12. Color scan of Online Manpower Compulsory Report (Wajib Lapor Tenaga Kerja Online).

Given the situation that you had already gotten a job offer/contract, to apply Indonesia Working KITAS involves following steps:

1. Apply RPTKA

  • This is called Expatriate Placement Plan or RPTKA (Rencana Penempatan Tenaga Kerja Asing). It means they have to tell the reason why they’re hiring you over an Indonesian citizen.
  • Your employer needs to obtain the RPTKA from the Ministry of Manpower of Indonesia.

2. Notification/Confirmation Letter on the Duration of Work Authorization

  • Upon the issuance of RPTKA, a Confirmation of the Duration of Work Authorization approval (request for Billing Code) should be applied by the expatriate assignee. The Confirmation Letter will be issued by the Ministry of Manpower within 3-7 working days from the date of the request.

3. Payment of DPKK (Skill & Development Fund) to obtain an IMTA (Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing which can be translated to Permission to Employ Foreign

  • Upon the issuance of the Confirmation Letter above, within 3 days the DPKK fee should be paid.
  • That is a monthly fee of $100 ($1,200/year) that your employer must pay as compensation for choosing to hire a non-Indonesian citizen.
  • The IMTA is the only authority which allows you to legally work in Indonesia.

4. You have to apply for an Indonesian Work Visa (a.k.a VITAS) at an Embassy/Consulate of Indonesia near you. You need the copy of RPTKA and IMTA.

5. Once you arrive in Indonesia with the VITAS (Temporary Stay Visa), the Immigration Department will issue your ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit). The ITAS is the permit which allows you to live and work in Indonesia for up to 1 year (it can be extended). Meanwhile, the VITAS is the visa which allows you to enter Indonesia only in the first place.

6. After the Immigration Department has issued your ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit), you have to go to an Immigration Office and apply for your KITAS (the actual Card) separately.

Misconception: Some people think KITAS stands for an Indonesia Work Visa, when in fact, the KITAS is actually just the physical card which is showing that you have a an ITAS (Temporary Stay Permit). KITAS literally stands for Temporary Stay Permit Card. You can have a KITAS even if you don’t have the authorization to work.

7. Get the Police Report Letter (STM) from the local Police Department.

8. Register with your local Municipality’s Population Office to receive a Certificate of Registration for Temporary Resident (SKPPS).

Once you have all of these documents, then you have obtained your Indonesian Work Visa and are allowed to legally work in Indonesia.

Working KITAS C312 (Offshore & Onshore) Service Fee


IDR 9.000.000 + USD 150
  • IMTA
  • DPKK Fee of USD 100/month


IDR 7.500.000 + USD 150
  • IMTA
  • DPKK Fee of USD 100/month


IDR 10.750.000 + USD 150
  • IMTA
  • DPKK Fee of USD 100/month


IDR 9.500.000 + USD 150
  • IMTA
  • DPKK Fee of USD 100/month


- Money back guaranteed*

(not applicable if you have been proven to give false documents, blacklisted, or any other external factors). *T&Cs apply

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