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Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

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What is KITAP?

The Indonesian KITAP is a permanent stay permit for foreigners who have already lived in Indonesia with a temporary stay KITAS for a few years. The KITAP is issued for a period of five years, which you can renew as needed.

Remember: your eligibility for permanent residence depends on your origin KITAs type.

Spouses of Indonesian citizens can receive a KITAP after two years of living in Indonesia consecutively, whereas retirees and investors can only apply for a KITAP after four years.

Once you are eligible for an Indonesian KITAP, you get benefits like those of Indonesian citizens.

A permanent stay permit known as KITAP is the goal for foreigners residing in Indonesia. A permanent stay visa in Indonesia (KITAP) is a five-year long permit that enables foreigners to stay in the country long-term without extending their visa on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Whom is KITAP for?

Foreign nationals who are willing to apply for KITAP must meet several requirements based on their KITAP purpose.
As a rule of thumb, only foreigners who have been KITAS holders can apply for KITAP. However, the precise duration of holding a KITAS and a number of required KITAS extensions vary.

Eligible candidates for a KITAP are:

Foreigners with an Indonesian spouse. Foreign investors, directors or commissioners in a Limited-Liability Company (PT PMA). Foreigners wanting to retire in Indonesia. Indonesians regaining their citizenship.

Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)
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